Dalian Jierui Fluid Control Co, Ltd(Stock Short: JIERUI FLUID, Stock Code: 833212) is service provider of fluid power products and solutions. With years of focusing on the research and development, manufacture, and service experience in the field of fuid pipeline connection system, the advanced fluid connection products and reliable hydraulic system have been provided to the high-end customers. We provide full range of technical services and customized solutions according to different customers demand, and ensure that the transmission of hydraulic power is more safe, efficient and sustainable develop ment. Our products and solutions are widely used in the offshore oil and gas exploration,engineering ships, rail transportation and locomotives, new energy industry, engineering machinery, wind power industry, metallurgical industry, petrochemical industry, military production and other industries. Our company is a national high-tech enterprise with advanced technology and strong production ability, our products and services have been ecognized by domestic and overseas customers. There are 160 staff members, including60 R&D technical staff in our team. We will continue to create value for our customer andciety



To help the government, public institutions, and enterprises in the positive development of economy and reducing the negative Impact on the environment, JIERUI carefully created many solutions for saving energy and environmental protection. The company has passed the ISO14001 environmental management system. Through the produc tion and management of environmenta materials and accessories, optimizing the solution for environmental protection, using the energy-saving equipments instead of backward equipments, designing the energy-saving and environmental technolo gy, assessment of product's life circle proposal of eco-friendly design, optimization of package and logistic, environmentalmonitoring and other ways, we ensure our products and services are eco -friendly and energy-saving


Enterprises continuous development can not be separated from the mutual trust between all parties with the same interests Consumers, media, non-govermenta lorganizations and investors more and more concerned about whether the companys products are legal, produced in the humane environment, and employees are working in the basic secured environment. To guaran-tee the brand reputation and risk manage ment, JIERUI comply with ECS, SAL, BSCI ETI and other convention of the international community, pass the ISO45001 health and safety management system, safety standard certification by the machinery manufacturing and shipbuilding enterprise. We also actively participate in unions and various community activities


JIERUI obtain the certificates of CCS DNV ABS, etc. and passing the ISO9001,ISO14001. ISO45001 system management certificates. The ministry of Railways have provided the inspection result of hose assembly pressure, explosion, leakage pulse, flexibility in low temperature, bending vacuum resistance. wear resistance. fluid resistance, flame retardancy, adhesion strength, ozone resistance and closure Clear strategy, obvious technical advantag-es, improved the process and management system, and high-efficient team make JIERUI always lead the market and obtain the continuous competitive advantage

Intelligent manufacturing
Internet+Automatic production improve the production efficiency and product quality reduce costs, and Improve the competitive-ness. We imported high precision CNC machine with annual production capacity of more than 2 million pieces, hose assemble machine composed by imported equipments with annual capacity of 500 thousand pieces: Finland FINN- POWER"hose crimper with largest diameter of 12" Import ed Eatons"Wonders"steel pipe forming machine, 37"steel pipe forming machine,bending machine, and other machines, also we can according to the customers construction project, on-site service
JIERUI have independent and professional testing center, equipped with static pressure test machine, explosion test machine, pulse test machine vibration test machine. Flame Resistance test machine, Bending test machine, imported granular size detector,cleanliness analyzer, endoscopic mirror, and other testing and analysis machine.
Logistics warehouse
With area of 5000 square meters strong storage space and abundant raw material stock, to ensure the delivery on time. Using bar code management which is more simple, fast and efficiento. Cooperating with the professional logistic companies to ensure the product safety and on-time delivery.
JIERUI introduce advanced inventory management system of JMI(Joint managed Inventory)mode to ensure the same with customer's demand and eliminate the effects of demand expanding and uncertain ty. It also shows the principle of sharing resource and risks. It effectively control the risk of supply chain storage, simplify the program of supply chain storage manage ment, and make the supply chain more stable and reduce the cost
Tecnological innovation
JIERUI provide walform plus pipe adapter,37 flared flange, and retaining ring flange with non welding connection technology, no need welding, subsequent acid pickling and crack detection. It can also reduce thethe cleaning time of pipeline and make the operation more simple to reduce the costs By repeated test and application from our engineering, marine project and metallurgy customers, our products have ability of reliable connection, leakproof, and become the best solutions for hydraulic pipeline connection